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Don't Be Fooled!

It Is Your Choice!
It is a common belief that you are required to have more than one estimate written for damages to your vehicle. That is not the case. Washington State Law says that you are free to select any repair facility you feel will do the highest quality repairs to your vehicle.  Our job is to provide you with a report of damages and an estimated cost of repair. Usually your vehicle will be repaired on an open contract basis between our shop and the insurance company. With the complexity of today’s vehicles, there may be further damage that is not discovered until repairs are in progress. Our goal is to satisfy YOU with the repairs we perform on your vehicle, while respecting the guidelines set by your insurance policy. (Top)

Direct Repair

Many insurance companies name a Direct Repair Provider to handle their customers collision repair and initial claims processing.  Richey's Auto Body & Collision, Inc. is a Direct Repair facility for a number of different insurance companies and can assist you with processing your claim. However, we want you to understand that, as a consumer, this in no way eliminates your freedom of choice. As much as repair facilities and insurance companies would like you to believe that you must do business with whom they suggest, it is still your option to choose the reputable facility of your choice. Richey's Auto Body & Collision, Inc.'s written warranty and reputation assures you of an honest price and superior workmanship. (Top)


Don't be Fooled!

Insurance companies want you to go to their Preferred Shops.  Richey's Auto Body & Collision, Inc. is a Preferred Shop for a number of Insurance Companies.  However, if we are not on the list for your particular Insurance Company, that will not affect the repair of your vehicle.  Here is what the Insurance Company may tell you, and what it means...


What the Insurance Company may say:

"We only guarantee repairs from our Preferred Shops."


The Facts:

All reputable repair facilities guarantee their repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.  Regardless of any insurance guarantee, the repair facility is the one who will ultimately have to guarantee the repairs. Choose a repair facility who has a good reputation, who guarantees repairs as long as you own the vehicle, and has been in business several years.


What the Insurance Company may say:

"The repair process will take longer if you do not use a Preferred Shop."


The Facts:

This is not true.  An adjuster may need to look at your vehicle, but that does not delay the repair process.  If you come in for an estimate, you may schedule immediately.  The insurance company may or may not have an adjuster look at the vehicle.  This will all happen while you are on the schedule for repair, or waiting for parts (the exact same amount of time as you would wait at a Preferred Shop). (Top)

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